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Construction Supervision
Our role is to ensure:
  • Legitimate construction works initiation:
Daris experts coordinate construction documentation for the site and obligations of all parties involved in construction.
Construction site opening and defining building parameters.
Setting up the order book for construction site and notifying the relevant controlling authorities.

  • Construction Supervision for the legal implementation of construction works:
In the process of construction works, supervisors with different competencies control the implementation of construction works, compliance of materials and determine construction works compliance with approved investment project designs.
Experts in Daris team follow up for the observation of the health and safety requirements in construction for not allowing damage and injury of third parties and properties as a result of this process.
In case of issues and disagreements arising in the process of ongoing construction works, the Project Manager coordinates relations between parties involved in the construction.
During the finalization of the construction works, Daris takes control on activities related to acquiring necessary written statements from the specialized controlling authorities, certifying the legal construction works, coordinates the commissioning and provides assistance in relation to issuing all relevant permits for the site.

  • Construction supervision during completion of construction activities:
Daris technical team prepares construction file for the site and verifies the readiness for acceptance - Form No 15 and organizes its sign off by all parties involved in construction.
Daris prepares the Final Report in accordance with Art.168, Item 3 of the Territory Arrangement Act, with a copy to the Employer.
The Project Manager takes over all necessary activities for site commisioning, including filing the Application for Use Permit, along with the rest of the documentation necessary, in accordance with the provisions of Art, 4, Paragrapgh 2 of Regulation No 2.
Daris representatives take part in the State Acceptance Committee nominated by the Head of the Directorate for National Construction Supervision and present the Committee relevant details for the site.
Daris representatives provide for the signing of the final construction Act - Form 16 as per Regulation №3/31.07.2003г
Following the certificate for Use Permit, the Consultant hands over the Employer the complete Construction site file.

  • Regular Reports:
The supervising team submits regular reports on the progress of construction works. Reports can comprise either of matters referring to construction supervision scope as well as other necessary reports on the discretion of the Employer:

General information for the site: Description of ongoing activities and parties involved in the process of construction. General project status, current issues, arising discussions and risks.

Progress: Monitoring the progress in accordance with the project implementation schedule. Comment on the compliance of Contractor’s schedule of works and effectively implemented construction and assembly works on site.

Quality Control: Describes the quality of ongoing works, the compliance wit project design and all matters arising in this reference.

Expense Report: Report on expenditures made compared to the progress of works and approved budget.
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