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Health and Safety Coordinator
Main functions during the investment design stage:
  • Coordinates ongoing design activities to ensure compliance with legal acts in terms of health and safety working conditions for all stages of the project.
  • Elaborates a health and safety plan, in case the latter is not assigned to the designer.
  • Prepares, updates and delivers to the Employer, relevant information on the construction site characteristics and data in terms of risk factors arising and affecting the health and safety.
Main functions during the construction implementation stage:
  • Coordinates the observation of general preventive provisions in accordance with the Law on Health and Safety at Work and all relevant legal acts.
  • Coordinates compliance on behalf of contractors and self employed parties with requirements set in the health and safety plan.
  • Updates the health and safety plan at work as well as information delivered to the Employer, in accordance with amendments arising in the progress of construction works.
  • Organizes the mutual / parallel works activities between all works contractors.
  • Coordinates and controls the compliance of construction works.
  • Takes necessary measures for not allowing unauthorized access to the site of people not involved in construction works.
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