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Business Assessments

Daris is making evaluations of enterprise assets for privatization and business needs.
Our experts are listed in the public register of the Bulgarian Chamber of Independent Assessors and certified for real estates and enterprise assesments.

Daris has made the privatization evaluations of numerous state-owned companies for the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Trade and Tourism, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, the Ministry of Transport, the Privatization Agency,

  • Facilities of the “Water and Sewerage Company” in the town of Montana;
  • Building of the Ministry of Regional Development at “Aleksandur Zhendov” str. Sofia
  • Design company"SOREG” EOOD – Sofia;
  • Consultancy company "CESSI Consult" EOOD, Sofia;
  • "Construction Mechanisation - Mx " EOOD, Montana;
  • “PMU-Kremikovtzi” Sofia;
  • Hotel “Hydrotours”, Pomorie;
  • “NIPI” Stara Zagora
  • "Construction Company Pleven" EOOD;
  • "Hydrostroy Riltzi" -  EAD, Dupnitsa
  • "Road Construction Company” AD, Yambol;
  • "BINDER” EAD, Sliven;
  • "Putstroycomplect" AD, Pernik;
  • "ACM" – EOOD, Dobrich;
  • “Putcomplect” EOOD, Sofia;
  • “Road Construction” EOOD, Burgas;
  • “Complectstroy” EOOD, Pleven;
  • “Pleven-Project” EAD, Pleven;
  • “Trapezitza” EAD, Veliko Turnovo.
  • "Recycle Company” EOOD, Popovo;
  • Facilities of "Universal Commerce" EOOD, Sofia;
  • Facilities of “Chimsnab” EAD, Sofia;
  • Trade House, Veliko Turnovo;
  • "Hybrid centre for pig breeding" AD, Shumen;
  • "Sort Seeds" AD, Svishtov;
  • "Water Construction" EAD, Ruse.
  • "Shumenska Gora" EOOD
  • Water construction company Kurdzhali
  • Restaurant “Budapeshta”
  • Supermarket in Druzhba-2
  • Etc.

Business evaluations for Raiffeizen bank:

  • "Swedish Match - Plam" AD, Kostenetz;
  • “Shkoda” shop;
  • Logistic centre in Dolni Bogrov;
  • "Winex Preslav" EAD;
  • "Melinvest" Sliven;
  • Company for canned food manufacture in Orizovo;
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