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Conformity report for energy efficiency of the investment project
Assessment of the energy efficiency of an investment project is to be made to certify compliance with legal requirements of energy efficiency and implementation of energy safety measures to improve energy characteristics.
In accordance with Art 169, item 1 of the Territory Arrangement Act and Art.15 of the Law on Energy Efficiency dated 14.11.2008, all investment projects for construction of a new building, reconstruction or general renovation of an existing building shall comply to the requirements for energy efficiency, as provided in the Law on Energy Efficiency.
Compliance assessment of projects with reference to energy efficiency shall be performed in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on the energy characteristics of buildings. A necessary prerequisite for the assessment is the provision on behalf of the Employer of all working and technical designs to the parties involved in assessment. A report is made at the end of the assessment and relevant recommendations are provided if necessary.
Activities related to energy audits are performed by individuals or legal entities, fulfilling the provisions of Art. 23 of the Law on Energy Efficiency dated 14.11.2008 and in compliance with Art.142, item 9 ot the Territory Arrangement Act.
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