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  1. Residential building and utilities connections , address: Sofia, 123 Nishava Str.
  2. 8 floor residential building,  external water supply and sewarage, external power and heating supply,   local heat distribution station and landscaping. Address: Sofia, 200 Slivnitsa Blvd
  3. Retail Centre, external water supply and sewerage, power supply, external heat supply,  local heat distribution station and landscaping; Address: Sofia, 24 Dimitar Mollov Str.
  4. 3 floor Residential Building,  External water supply,  landscaping;  Address: Sofia, 86 Bratya Bakston Blvd.; Technical Passport
  5. Residential building with shops and garages. Address: Sofia, 5 Hmel Str.
  6. Residential building with underground garages. Adress: RPL XIV 162, sq.5, Dragalevska Spirka, Sofia
  7. Service station, warehouses and offices for IPO Ltd company, Address: 47 Rezbarska Str, Sofia
  8. Residential building with offices and underground garages. Address: RPL I-1273, sq. 20, area “East – south”, Sofia
  9. Family residential building . Address: RLP XVII -1428, sq.7, area  “Malinova dolina, Sofia
  10. Residential Building /M+4+A/, utilities connections and landscaping. Address: Sofia, 2 Ami Bue Str.
  11. Residential Building,   utilities connections , external power supply. Address: RLP I-348, sq.250, area “Pavlovo – Bakston”, Sofia
  12. Residential Building ; Address: Sofia, 65 Arsenalski Blvd.
  13. Residential Building ; Address: Sofia, 33 Mokrenski Prohod Str.
  14. Residential Building  and external water supply and sewarage connections ; Address: Sofia city, Vitosha region, 38 Vihren Str.
  15. Apartment hotel. Address: Sofia, 47 Moskovska Str.
  16. Residential building and external  water supply and sewarage, external power supply and landscaping, Address: Sofia city, Sredets region, 84 Han Omurtag Str.
  17. Bank office. Address: 9 Knyaz Boris Stefanov Str.
  18. Refurbishment of a 3 floor building with café – bar “Hospis”; Address RLP VI-1969, sq.19,  Sofia, 28 “367”Str.
  19. Base station controller for GSM operator  “GLOBUL”, external  water supply and sewarage connections  and landscaping. Address: RLP IV-229 for industrial services, sq. 12A, Plovdiv
  20. Refurbishment of residential building. Address RLP II-13, sq. 509, Sofia, Oborishte, 9 Vrabcha Str.
  21. Office building with shops, underground garages and power substation. Address: RLP IV-8,9,11, sq. 220,  Sofia city, Vazrajdane region
  1. Multifunctional complex “SAN STEFANO-PLAZZA”. Address: RLP III, sq. 547,  area  “Centre”, area A, Sofia city
  2. Residential building with shops and apartments. Address: Sofia city,  area  Dianabad, sq.21A, RLP IV 1260 – bl.2
  3. Arena Multiplex Cinema
  4. Woodwork and  shuttering canvas, Razlog city
  5. Residential building for seasonal usage, city of Bansko, RLP IX-2416, sq. 234a
  6. Residential building for seasonal usage, city of Bansko, RLP VII-1001, sq.234a
  7. Seasonal houses in sq.39, Residential building “Old Nessebar”
  8. Retail and administrative building with underground parking in RLP I-3,11,13 sq.1,  city of Bourgas
  9. Residential buildings with underground garages in Sofia city, sq.8, area  “South Park” part III, block B
  10. Residential buildings, shops, underground garages, parkings, RLP I 839, IV 837 and III 838, sq.44, city of Sofia
  11. Residential building with shops, offices, public services and underground garages in the city of Sofia, plot I 923, sq.8, ,  area  “Motopista part II”.
  1. Megapark Sofia, sq.8, Iztok, Mladost region, Sofia city
  2. Sofia airport. Reconstruction, development and extension of New terminal
  3. Warehouse and industrial project with office building, RLP I-38, 39, area “Kurt Tepe”, city of Bourgas.
  4. Retail and administrative building with underground parking RLP I-3,11,12,13, sq.1,  city of Bourgas.
  5. Service station, retail, training centre and administration RLP IV – 187, sq.1A, “Republic-2”, Sofia city.
  6. Reconstruction, extension and refurbishment of hotel complex “Olimp” RLP II, sq.261, city of Bansko.
  7. Vacation building with apartments for seasonal usage in RLP IV, sq.2302, “Slanchev Bryag resort – west”, Nessebar municipality, 51500.507.398, block 3
  8. Extension and reconstruction of a nonresidential building in RLP IV3A, “Sofia Press”, sq.453, area “Centre”, Sofia city
  9. Apartment hotel on 3 Budapeshta Str, RLP VIII – 6, sq.506a, Sofia
ENERGY EFFICIENCY REPORT - Conformity assessment of an investment project in accordance with Art. 169, paragraph 1, item 6 of the Territory Arrangement Act.
  1. MULTIFUNCTIONAL COMPLEX SAN STEFANO PLAZZA – Sofia, San Stefano Str., sq.547, area “Centre, Area A, RLP III”
  2. Industrial and warehouse base of “Tehcnopanel” company . Subsite: Administrative building. Adress: RLP IX – 781, sq. 46 NPZ “Kremikovtsi”- Yana village, Sofia city
Transmission, base and relay stations:
Daris has implemented construction supervision services for a number of transmission and relay stations for Vivacom, Globul and Mtel, including a number of Communication towers from 18m up to 54m height.
Daris has 9 years of experience in such projects. During this period it has also executed supervision and provided for the Permits of use for more than 1800 base stations. Daris has provided Technical passports for the sites commissioned after 2006 in the relevant Municipalities and Cadastre Agencies. Daris has made the conformity reports for the investment projects for all sites as well.
Daris has executed supervision services for the external power supply of over 150 tellecomunication sites – cable and air lines.

Fiber optic lines:
  1. Optic cable of the Council of Ministers in the section Plovdiv – Haskovo – Stara Zagora – Sliven - Yambol
  2. Optic cable in the layout of the existing transit gas pipe to Macedonia in the section VT GIS “Dupnitza”up to VT GIS “Giueshevo”and a local fiber optic cable up to AGRS “Kiustendil”, located in the territory of Municipalities of Dupnitza, Bobov Dol, Nevestino and Kiustendil
  3. Fiber optic cable connection for a base station (transmission point 3010) located on 237 “6th September” Blvd, city of Plovdiv.
  4. Fiber optic cable connection for base stations Controller in RLS IV-229, sq.12a, sq. “T. Kableshkov”and base station BTS 3008 at Bulgaria Blvd. next to bl.196, city of Plovdiv
  5. Main and local fiber optic cables – north main line as from Transition point (TP) “Batoultsi” Valve Station (VS) – Transition point “Nikolaevo” Valve Station up to Anchor Point (AP) “Pleven”gas distribution station.
  6. “Local fiber optic cable as from Transisition point (TP) at Valve station (VS) for Popovo gas main branch (GMB), Trace point (TP) AGRS Popovo
  7. “Local fiber optic cable TP VS for GMB Rouse, TP AGRS “Rouse – West”and TP AGRS “Rouse – East”
  8. Main and local fiber optic cables – north main line as from main point (MP) at “Polski Senovets” servicing boosting station (SBS) – transmission point (TP) at “Miladinovtsi” Valve Station (VS) up to main point (MP) Targovishte automatic gas distribution station(AGDS).
  9. Optical Network in Sofia city for districts - Lilin 6, 7, 8, 9 и 10, Hladilnika, Krasno Selo, Motopista, Gotse Delchev, Vuzrazhdane, Zona B5, Serdika
  10. Optical Network GPON in Plovdiv city for districts - Trakia 1,2 and 3
  11. Optical Network GPON in Burgas city for districts - Lazur and Izgrev
  12. Optical Network GPON in Varna city for districts - Mladost and Vuzrazhdane
Project management for Family hotels in the city of Sozopol, RLP VI and VII -5243, Budjaka area.
Project Management for Residential building, external water supply and sewarage connection, external power supply and landscaping. Address: 23 Manastirska Str.
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